Hey, look! Pictures!

Woo! An update! It has been a pretty hectic over the last little while (will be doing a separate post on what I have been doing), but I finished up a terrain project that I’m pretty proud of, so I am popping it up here!


So, this was a quick little project I through, to fill out a DnD campaign and for some extra terrain. General encounter would be the party entering a village and would have these set up as funky little houses. Nothing too hard, but they look pretty good on the table.20170703_144517

I built four in total (as seen) and are just simply triangular boxes with a bunch of embellishments and a thatched roof made of towels.


First one painted and with some mini’s and extra props to flesh it out.


The other three painted and a stone platform I threw together while waiting for things to dry.

These will be used on my Mordheim and DnD tables, with one or two on my Frostgrave table, if I felt that they fit in.


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