Return to making habits

So, after a couple months of hit or miss scenarios, I realised I had been missing out in a few things that had been making small improvements and helped me to set things forward in my life.

I had a job then I didn’t… I had a lot of work, then I didn’t… and the whole time just was either super fun or got me fairly down. The last week of having something to do has revitalised me quite a bit so I am back here to fill in what has happened and push on from there.

I have been working as an extra for the last three or so months and I have had a lot of work on the Power Rangers Ninja Steel TV show, as background filler. That was amazing. I got to fulfill a childhood dream of contributing to the Ranger-verse. I even got to meet and hang out with one of the Rangers, which made the inner geek in me very happy.

I have also been involved in filming Ash Vs The Evil Dead, another childhood franchise that I have been blessed with contributing to, including being a Deadite, with a bit of screen time (to be seen, though). This hasn’t had its release date for the season that I am in, but I am super excited in the idea that I am involved in the whole process!

Rest assured that there will be screen shots of me uploaded online as soon as I can spot myself!

Other than that, I have had a lot of downtime and have basically been vegetating, which is not good for my health so I am using this new found energy to get myself back into action.

I attended Stunt School a few weeks ago, for their introductory course, so once I’ve paid that off, I will be joining in on their trainings on a regular basis. In the meantime, I am looking into my own training time and practicing my falls in the nearest gym and various other tings, when I have the chance.

I will be making more times for my projects and sharing more in the next little while, just to keep upwith how everythings going!


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