Page 52- A practice

So, I came up with an idea for voice practice that was basically pick and arbitrary number and read from the first discernible paragraph and finish on the last full paragraph of the page. This somehow ended up being Page 52.

The whole “project” is designed to help with two things, which is getting practice with readings, whether it is lines or just a monologue, and to help me get more accustomed to hearing my own voice over an audio track. Most people can attest to the whole “Do I really sound like that?” idea and this is a way of doing that. Ironically, as of typing this, I have not actually listened to the audio.

Now, for realism and transparency, I only did about three or four takes and have uploaded the best one (meaning the one with the least amount of verbal fluffing) because it is a case of slowly building habits and comfortability over the longer term and I have other things I want to do today. Starting small, so I can feel good about it, as opposed to spending hours on it to receive the same amount of payback in the early stages. I’d rather have a simple shelter for the night and gather food, than a mansion and be hungry, so to speak. Also more mumbo jumbo about habit building.

Anyway, back to the audio…

It does have some fluffing, but I have a general goal of being able to do moderately long reads without mistakes, on the first try (pretty big goal, but I feel its an important quality), instead of “character building” because I currently feel that any characters will just flesh themselves out later on. Also, the previously mentioned points.


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