First blog post

So, this is the first post on this site. That’s exciting, I guess…

It seems appropriate to start this kind of thing with a motivations and “end game” rant, but I don’t really know where to start and how the whole thing will plan out, so I can’t be specific about what the whole goal is, other than to start looking at and completing various “goals”.

I’m using “goals” as a loose term because I currently do not have anything specific in mind yet, other than maybe one or two for the things that I am currently involved in. The short list goes:
Knife Throwing
Martial Arts
Tricking/Parkour (could be separated)
Voice Acting
Dungeons and Dragons (Writing and crafting)
Possible stunt work (wishlist)
Work in general

That is 9 things that I currently have in my mind and I am involved in three “casual basis” jobs. Additionally, its not a matter of too little time. I have plenty of time that I do not use appropriately, for various reasons.

This whole project is here to see if I can get more accustomed to using my time “appropriately” but also allowing me a space to discuss ideas with myself.

Two of the leading things for stopping, in the past, has been lack of research/discussion and being an “instigator” but not a “completist”. These basically mean that I get to acertain point and stop exploring options and new paths relating or I come up with an idea and get half way through it.

We shall see how this evolves over the next couple of weeks…


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